Little Women ★★½

Managed to catch another screening of Little Women and unfortunately, my impressions didn't change much. Not at all for me.

This film is paced so quickly that it feels like it's made specifically for people who are fans of the book and don't need time to sink into who these characters are, which is maybe why I don't love it. I don't know the story at all! Ease me in! I'm a dumb dumb little baby boy!

The timeline stuff is often confusing, but my real gripe with the movie's timeline is that there are several sections of the film that feel like smaller episodes of a large Little Women TV show, where a conflict arises and resolves quickly and feels like it doesn't really have a bearing on the greater film.

There are also some minor directorial choices I didn't like (a lot of strange sudden closeups– and i'm pretty sure they warp-stabilized Amy and Aunt May's carriage ride in the beginning?? very distracting to me both times) and a very frenetic, Gilmore Girls-esque style of dialogue that I just didn't care for. I don't know how to describe it, but I had a thought halfway through the movie of "I can feel Sony's influence on this movie."

The things I did love though? Florence Pugh! She's outstanding!!! (although i'm worried my good friend florence is going to get typecast as "woman that wears a flower crown and burns something in revenge") And there's a sequence where we get to watch a book being printed and bound that is so pleasant to watch that I spent a lot of the second half getting excited to see it again. Also noticed this time that the film opens on a shot of Jo facing away from the camera, and ends on a shot of Jo facing the camera. Neat! I'm trying to end this on a nice note so that you all can't be too mad at me for not really liking it!

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