Madeline's Madeline ★★★½

I was really excited to see this once Bo Burnham and David Ehrlich both said it was amongst their favorite movies of the year, so I went into the movie without seeing so much as a trailer. I only even saw the poster when I first walked into the theatre, and boy does that poster sell a completely different movie than what you get.

From the very first scene, I was convinced this movie was gonna be too confusing for me to understand– but it really wasn't! Josephine Decker does a great job of letting you figure out what's going on without throwing in a bunch of expository dialogue to lay out relationships and conflicts, while also never compromising the film's purposefully-disorienting style that puts you inside of Madeline's head.

Then the ending came along and I was confused again.

Still, I really liked it. I'm not entirely sure what she was trying to say, and the movie felt much longer than it actually was (but I'm starting to think this is just how every movie feels to me now, I am CONSTANTLY restless) but it's good. The sound design of this movie is outstanding. Molly Parker and Miranda July are great. Helena Howard is going to be a star.