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This review may contain spoilers.

Pelle's very first line/moment:

MARK: See? You could be getting that girl pregnant right now.
PELLE: And don't forget about all the Swedish women you can impregnate in June"

Watched the Director's Cut and am of two minds about it: one, there is a scene of Christian and Dani arguing that seems pretty critical to hitting home just how shitty of a partner he is (although I wish it happened in the day, because Dani's nightmare being the only nighttime occurrence feels structurally great) as well as some moments that make it even clearer that he was absolutely intending on fucking that teenage girl with or without drugs. (which he gave to himself, folks.)

two: look, i know this is "the point" of a lot of the film, but goddamn the deliberate pacing of this movie is just... not my thing! maybe the theatrical cut was slightly snappier or something, but the first hour of this film i just kept thinking "was it seriously this slow and lingering in the original?" the reveal of dani's family dying felt particularly overwrought, almost reveling in the awfulness of it all.

that said, this movie still fucking rocks. the psychedelics, the pareidolia, the measured cruelty and compassion of the cult– all in a bright, inviting technicolor dreamscape. dani's grief and pain at every turn feels so real and christian, mark, and josh are each such distinctly hatable men but the film does a great job of making each of their deaths feel a little bit unearned. in a movie with some truly heinous moments, the things that really make my stomach turn the most are the ways dani is forced to contort her own emotions and almost beg for christian's support in the face of his gutless apologia. it's truly painful to watch a dynamic on screen that you can recognize as real and totally fucked but not even a little bit overdramatic. if florence pugh and dp pawel pogorzelski get overlooked for an oscar nom, the swedish grief circle begins at my house, gang

I hate midsommar bcuz of the Bear boy, he was disgusting, i hate him with my life, he doesnot leave the sad girl alone

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