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This review may contain spoilers.

the action sequences make the franchise lasting and iconic, but i think what really keeps it continually exciting is how hard the screenplay works to make you believe that ethan is mentally adept as he is physically. he's not just a guy who'll die for the cause, he's paying close attention and playing tricks on both the enemy and the audience. silly as it sounds, the scene where he does sleight of hand is an encapsulation of ethan hunt's real appeal as an action character. that's what gets you screaming in the theater, the excitement they don't need to tease in the trailers. it's what makes ethan hunt more believable than any ol' wisecracking pile of muscles– face replacement's the first active hook, but him pointing out the second IMF team at the restaurant is the one that makes me go all antonio banderas at the computer dot gif.

obsessed with the moments where the score goes full spielberg whimsy, like we're watching some little rascals discover magic and not a grown man escape certain death. everybody involved with this movie, how you say, "freaked it!"

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