Nomadland ★★★★½

"I didn’t want my sailboat to be in the driveway when I died. And it’s not. My sailboat’s out here in the desert."

so many shots in this movie spark a direct, unfiltered bolt of emotion inside of me but i think the shot of linda may and fern doing the face masks is my favorite one in the entire film. instantly was when i first saw it. screenshotted it, even. i don’t know why, it just moved me. it’s so beautifully framed and such a lovely moment and it makes me really happy to feel this sweet little moment of relaxation and connectedness between these two women. i think about them so often. and about swankie and the birds and bob wells and his son. such a warmth to them that's hard to let go of.

makes me feel icky when people describe this movie as being 'about' poverty/homelessness. i think it goes to lengths to say this isn't about poverty as much is it as about the nomadic lifestyle being the only way these people can be free of the trappings of capitalism. (of which poverty is a result, yes.) feels like a sister film to Leave No Trace in that regard. sobering to think about this movie winning best picture tomorrow at a ceremony that displaced the city's unhoused population for a bunch of people who might never even feel conflicted about the millions they’re gonna get from amazon to make their own version of this. ignorance really is bliss

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