Ocean's Twelve ★★★★

I’ve definitely been a bit hard on this sequel for a while but fuck if it isn’t still good. Soderbergh is an outstanding comedy director, and it’s so impressive how much he can change his style between movies in the same franchise without making them feel completely disjointed. The first act feels a little too underwritten, one of the big ending twists is so obvious it’s barely worth having... and I think the ending might not completely... make sense... but once the movie kicks in it’s a goddamn blast. Even the silly meta bit with Tess kind of works to me now (although maybe it’s because I’ve seen it before and knew it was coming.) I love this franchise. I love heist movies.

Also, the NERVE of Soderbergh to have Catherine Zeta-Jones (🎵 she dips beneath the lasers 🎵) in the same movie he has Vincent Cassel doing laser capoeira.

For added fun, you can look up the explanations for each of the scheme nicknames– they’re not just nonsense!