Parasite ★★★★★

Holy fucking shit. I can’t tell if this movie is a masterpiece or if Bong Joon-ho himself is the masterpiece.

The poster for this film quotes David Ehrlich’s Indiewire review that says this solidifies his movies as a genre of their own, and he’s totally right. I couldn’t possibly place this into a solid genre, but every little genre it does dip into, it knocks out of the park. I loved it. I can’t stop thinking about it. I went into it knowing absolutely nothing and having seen absolutely nothing besides a passing glimpse at the poster and knowing Bong made it, and that was ideal. It’s one of those movies where leaving the theater gets me insanely excited just to read what other people say about it. 

To quote one of the lead characters, this shit is so metaphorical.

EDIT: you know what, shout the fuck out to Song Kang-ho too, who’s giving a stellar performance here and– I just realized– in countless other great Korean films!!

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