Parasite ★★★★★

I saw someone on Twitter doing that annoying thing where they sneer at the idea that a movie that people love really could be as good as they say and then asking for more opinions, hoping to find just one person who says something like "it was fine" and then latch onto that one take as the definitive proof that there's some sort of conspiracy (?) to declare a film as great when it's actually "just fine." It's a very stupid trend that seems like a thinly-veiled way to get ahead of the curve and preemptively shit on a popular movie and cast all of that movie's fans as rabid sheep who can't think for themselves, in order to present as someone having a hot take that makes you seem smarter and more with it than all those "idiots" who enjoyed the movie– but it alllllllways comes across as corny and embarrassingly contrarian.

The closest thing I can find to a kernel of worth in doing that, is the conceit that if you do go into a movie thinking it's not "as good as everyone says," there's a great chance that you'll truly be stunned and let yourself be overwhelmed into an experience far above what you were expecting. Sometimes it feels like there's a psychology to film, where your brain is constantly trying to fight against the preconceived notions it has about a piece of art, like a strange defense mechanism. If everyone's saying it's good, you'll have to overcorrect for that expectation and end up letting yourself down. If it's said to be bad, you're setting yourself at a low bar to be extremely impressed when they do three flips over the thing from a standing position (which is impressive, even without a bar to cross!) And maybe that's what this person was concerned with in this movie.

People are calling this the movie of the year, a masterpiece, talking about how rich the themes and comedy are, how terrific the performances are, how great a director Bong Joon-ho is– but if you're going into the theater with that all in mind, aren't you erasing the very chance of surprise and wonder from your experience? I'd like to think that's not entirely the case, as this was the second time I'd seen it– long after the volunteer army for Bong Joon-ho & Sang Kang-ho's Oscars was formed (of which I am a proud cadet)– and the audience still seemed absolutely enthralled and rapt with the movie they were watching. And so was I! But I don't want to give the sneering contrarian crowd, or the cautious contrarian brain, any ammo by teeing it up in any special way.

All of that said, Parasite fuckin' sucks. Enjoy! ☺️

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