Parasite ★★★★★

“Dad, today I made a plan.”

It’s absolutely fucking absurd that Song Kang-Ho did not get any Oscar attention for his role in this film. He gives the most expressive, wide-ranging performance of the year. I mean, the entire ensemble is outstanding (I think I’ve already said how terrific Cho Yeo-jeong’s comedic performance is) but Song is the emotional center of this film both in its funniest and it’s most tragic moments. Also, after five viewings (I know) of this film, it’s so fun to me which line deliveries (in a language I fully do not know) stick out to me so much. Kim Ki-taek screaming “Lady! Are you mad?!” is a strong favorite.

I retain a dumb optimism that the Academy will wise up and give this film Best Picture, but even if they don’t, I have no doubt that it simply is the year’s best picture. Every single time I watch this film, I feel my heart breaking at the ending as if it’s the first time.

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