Police Story

Police Story ★★★★★


aspirational. a masterpiece. jackie chan’s physicality here is just... unparalleled. huge respect for him using that to great effect even outside of the action scenes, it really drives home how much comedy is derived from just pure physical commitment. i’m in awe! i dream of getting to use my body this way. just fully becoming a swiss army knife, staging pratfalls and stunts, both big and large, so perfectly choreographed that your body stands somewhere between a ragdoll and a gymnast. everything in this movie is so vaudevillian, even the villains, and that doesn’t come to a halt when the fighting begins. the way jackie uses the scenery has always been my favorite thing about his work and he transitions from fist-fighting to prop-fighting in such a smooth way i almost wanna watch entire scenes in slow-mo just to break it all down. action’s always been a very aggressive ballet but it’s never so clear as when you can see such fast and furious meticulousness in every movement.

like 70 minutes into the thing, jackie chan moonwalks just because he can. choreography oscar now

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