Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★½

I had never seen this movie before but my friends Jocey and Celia insisted I had to, and I’m so glad I did. :) The “Make ‘Em Laugh” sequence has been something I’ve known and loved for years, and I can’t believe I was depriving myself of the rest of this film for so long. Gorgeous, vibrant, joyful, funny, and cornball in all the best ways. 

And the dancing! A beautiful physicality that is all but gone from modern film in the most crushing way. It’s why those dancing scenes with Channing Tatum in Hail, Caesar! made my heart soar so much; a glimmer of what talent might still exist, hidden in the repertoire of some of our greatest stars, if only someone were to just fucking usher it out of them! Give us more incredible choreographed dancing routines, goddamn it! The people deserve it!

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