Solo: A Star Wars Story

I’m not gonna give it a star rating or say how I felt about it because I don’t wanna give anyone expectations, positive or negative, for going into it. Here are the only things I’ll say for now:

• The scale and visual style of the action in this movie is outstanding. They are doing a great job with battle/war scenes in the anthology. Ron Howard should’ve directed Rogue One.
I was shocked at how the score actually stood out through different parts of the movie.
• I accidentally wore the same suit color as Donald Glover, and I think people kept looking at me strangely because of it. I did not get to talk to him and laugh about this crazy, fun, eternal-friendship-initiating coincidence. 
• I did get to tell Phoebe Waller-Bridge that Killing Eve and Fleabag are terrific. These notes have nothing to do with the movie.
• In my entire life, I have not heard an audience react louder to something than the audience did at one moment in this movie. 
• Star Wars is great.

Fuck it, I’ll say one more thing- there are two cameos rumored for this movie, one because of something Mark Hamill said earlier this week, and one because of a beloved actor from previous movies that was seen on the red carpet. Neither is in the movie.

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