Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

ME: oh cool, stop making sense is streaming for free with ads. i'll put it on while i write
2 SONG LATER: i'm gonna rent it from amazon for a better stream
3 SONGS LATER: [screeching "turn like a wheeel inside a wheeel!" as i tap on my keyboard]
2 SONGS LATER: i can buy it for cheaper on itunes, but i can watch it on my tv if i do google play hmm
3 SONGS LATER: [dancing around the room and banging on chairs w wooden coffee stirrers]
1 SONG LATER: ooh, an email– oh, it's just the shipping confirmation for the blu-ray. i should turn those off
2 SONGS LATER: [howling JAMES BROOOOOWN! JAMES BROOOOOWN! while i make myself lunch]
2 SONGS LATER: okay okay okAY– calm. i need to sit down and finish this. [i realize my laptop wasn't plugged in and died 5 songs ago]

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