Tag ★★★½

Can't tell what's more embarrassing, that the 2018 ensemble comedy TAG was, by choice, the first film I watched in 2019, or that I actually enjoyed the 2018 ensemble comedy TAG.

I watched this on a plane and they'd censored so much of the swearing which was fun to realize and try to sort out mentally, but through the "motherfucker" for "rubber chucker" find-and-replaces (no, really) I could still tell that this had the fatal flaw of all big studio comedies in which they decide the funniest possible joke to fall back on in any solution is dick stuff and jerking off. Lazy!

Despite that? I really enjoyed Isla Fisher and Jake Johnson in this. I think Jon Hamm was a weird choice, but does a fine job. Hannibal is given very little to do but still manages to make me laugh, and I earnestly liked the ending.

All y'all who think this is in the same league as Game Night though? You're fucking nuts.