The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★½

if you don't like this movie you can french dis patch of my ass!!!!!! (big tattoo of calvin peeing on the phrase "dissenting film opinions")

shocked i loved this so much after feeling sour on ol' wild wild wes after isle of dogs. just found it so endlessly charming and fun and funny! reminds me that i really do love his style, and how theatrical/animated it is. it felt long at times but i think if it'd been presented as a tv series of short films (so really just the New Yorker Presents tv show i guess) i would've watched an entire season. also i never saw the trailer and only really knew that timothee calamine lotion was in it so i was SHOCKED every time another famous person showed up. cast so stacked it make my ass look flat!!!!! i'm in a fugue state, gonna delete this in the morning. i liked it

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