The Gentlemen ★★

GUY RITCHIE: hey man, i made that pizza you wanted
ME: ah righteous, thank y–
GUY: a bup bup bup– before you eat it, i should apologize
ME: what? why, your pizzas are always pretty good
GUY: yeah well i was worried the recipe was getting a little stale
ME: yeah
GUY: so i tried to mix it up a bunch
ME: yeah
GUY: and i got a liiiiittle self-indulgent
ME: yeah
GUY: then i threw in a little playful racism in there
GUY: and a dash of rape from– which was honestly not necessary
GUY:just wanted to see what would happen
ME: you–
GUY: and then i told jeremy to set the oven
JEREMY STRONG: yeah and i set it too high
GUY: oh, waaaaay too high
JEREMY: haha yeah. thought it would cook faster, i dunno
GUY: here's the kicker, the lid on my playful racism shaker was loose! so a BUNCH got in there. like, so much
GUY: basically, it's gonna taste weird
GUY: don't be mad at meeeeee
GUY: colin helped too
COLIN FARRELL: i made the pepperonis
GUY: dude, he killed it, the pepperonis are so good
ME: why do you have a playful racism shaker

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