The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections

honestly? don’t understand it. enjoyed it a lot, but i do not understand it. i maybe get about 50% of it and i am too dumb for the other half. i’m looking at everyone’s reviews and going “hmm” like i agree but i’m mostly just going “okay, you guys clearly see the matrix and i just see the green digits.”

i only just watched RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS for the first time days before this and with each of them, i found myself being completely lost in the themes, philosophy, and expanded lore but there’s an additional meta-theme to this one that only made sense to me when it was so obvious in the beginning, and then i couldn’t track it at all. not a criticism of the movie– truly just me admitting that i don’t get it! cheyenne said she got it all and tried to answer my questions and i just felt my brain shut down in trying to even organize my confusions. oh well. off to wikipedia!

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