The Trial of the Chicago 7 ★★½

yahya abdul mateen ii spends every second of his screen time acting circles around everybody else and perfectly embodying a man whose involvement in the case was perfectly demonstrative of the court system's poor treatment of men of color, in a movie set during the civil rights movement, and we take a sharp fork in the road from caring or saying anything about that to focus on a moral-free story about leftist infighting with the cheesiest possible ending you could've expected. i cackled at joseph gordon levitt's (the Good Prosecutor) last line.

i'll admit that sorkin's writing style occasionally feels like candy to my brain, but he has such an obsession with writing characters in his own imagined style of how a 'genius' would act and it's grating! if i hear one more exchange where somebody is asked a question and responds with silence and then a tangentially-related fact about chickens or some shit i'm gonna lose my mind. be NORMAL you freaks. except for jeremy strong. you can keep on popping into movies as the guy making the wackiest possible big swings because i'm in love with that shit

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