Titanic ★★★★★

"Women and machinery do not mix!" was this generation's "women don't belong in balloons."

masterpiece. unimpeachable. an eminently watchable 3-hour epic with not a second of fat on it. wanted to rewatch this after the climax of avatar 2. haven't seen it since i was a kid, when we visited my uncle as he was putting on the second of the two-part VHS. literally all i remember is going "wow" and being glued to the screen, then losing my mind at the scene where the guy flips repeatedly after hitting the propeller.

it's not at all surprising why this was such a success– james cameron knows how to make a movie that you have to see in a theater. that's really it. and this movie is the perfect 10 of romance and action, with a verisimilitude that makes everything so real and truly harrowing. the boat loading sequence is one of the most incredible things i've ever seen in a movie. the bombastic parts of the movie are so memorable that i totally forgot how slow and plainly stated the sinking was when it began. despite all the terror, there's also some truly hilarious stuff in here. jack and rose telling that one company bootlicker to "shut up." old rose rolling her eyes when she says that cal killed himself. the cut to the exploratory crew after rose tells the story of the naked drawing. god, it really is just a perfect movie

everyone makes a to-do about whether or not they could've both survived at the end and whatever, yadda yadda blah blah. let's discuss the real problem here. that car shouldn't have fogged up from their fucking. it wasn't an enclosed area, it was three walls and a fourth open side. plenty of room for the steam to escape. all these scientific consultants on set and you couldn't hire one guy who fucks, huh james

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