To All the Boys I've Loved Before

i don't think i would've ever watched this movie, except a friend specifically asked me to. i can't figure out why. she even said "i don't think you'll really like it i'm just curious." i got ~40 minutes and realized this movie is So Not For Me on every level. finishing it and making a letterboxd entry to say it was bad seemed pointless and snobby. that said–

i cannot get over how WEIRD this movie looks. every single shot is framed head-on with characters in the center, or staged so unnaturally that it stands out. it's like the movie was planned and filmed on a shot-by-shot basis. there’s no variety or any sort of living feel to the camera, so the entire movie is stiff in a way that makes an already-dry-and-mechanical thing even more dry, and mechanical.

i have never seen a YouTube Red movie, but somehow this is what I imagine a YouTube Red movie is. (not entirely meant to be a diss! just... not for me!)

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