Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★½

The helicopter service Blade didn't even exist until 2014, a whole two years after this film takes place. Absolutely sloppy filmmaking. Shameful.

But seriously, this film is absolutely fucking masterful. I know it's extremely weird and almost disrespectful to talk about films like this in terms of how they're awarded, but I really truly think this film is such a precise depiction of what "good directing" looks like that I'm gonna be absolutely shocked if the Safdies aren't at LEAST nominated for Best Director off of this movie. Also incredible sound design and mixing– so much of the tension in this film is built off the way the dialog overlaps so well and how sudden sounds land like firecrackers. I thought it would be hard to watch this movie again but it was honestly a blast, even as I started to feel myself becoming hotter and sweatier through it all. The "this is how I win" scene is Sandler at his absolute best.

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