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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot

    not rating this one because i saw it last june when it was called FLARSKY and it might be different now, but when i saw it, i kind of hated it? but i think that’s just because it follows the exact formula of a seth rogen movie, down to a level that made me mad because i had already mentally started imagining there would be two certain types of scenes. and then they happened. i don’t know. i don’t wanna…

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet

    Ralph Breaks the Internet


    Surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did, given how dark the proliferation of corporate branding and the underlying commentary on the economy of internet likes are. But I did enjoy it! Maybe because I watched it on a plane, where everything is at least one star better. I also think I find it kinda nice that this movie doesn’t have a real “villain.”

    It didn't ever get corny to me, which is a feat worth applauding for a…

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod


    Richardson telling the people in the theater to shut up has the highest screentime-to-emotional-effect ratio on me of almost anything I’ve ever seen, and I cannot explain why.

    “The dog walked itself home, ate a pizza, and took a nap.”

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    well i'm certainly not going to edit Josh Hamilton's speech at the fire so he's saying DEMI instead of Kayla and watch it whenever i need a pick me up if anyone was about to accuse me of such foolishness

  • Green Book
  • Hale County This Morning, This Evening

    Hale County This Morning, This Evening


    Too experimental and unfocused for me. Would have preferred an actual narrative or some sort of story, rather than a slice of life portrait that feels like a montage of footage shot in the same area.

  • Minding the Gap

    Minding the Gap


    This is hands down the best documentary I’ve ever seen– and I’ll admit that I don’t watch them frequently, but it’s also one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages, and easily the most affecting film I’ve seen in a long, long time. Bing Liu made a beautiful, sobering Boyhood of his own life, about the trauma we adopt from our parents and our surroundings and how something as small as skateboarding can act as an escape from the…

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo


    There are moments where they dip into the more human elements of Honnold’s life and those are more fascinating to me– the climb itself is cool, but feels like a TV special event more than something I’d really care to watch a documentary about– but they don’t tackle them enough. Like, why does he do this, or what in his past has led him here? I know Honnold shows signs of Asperger’s, which might be why it feels like he’s…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Still as funny and gorgeous as it was the first time, literally the only thing I didn’t like was some of the music choices– which is fine! They aren’t choices made for me! I do wonder how much of this doesn’t fully resonate with me emotionally because it’s animated. Even though it’s been well over a decade since I ever saw one, an “animated superhero movie” is so coded in my
    brain as a direct-to-DVD project that it takes a…

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    how come this episode of Goosebumps wasn't just 30 minutes like the other ones

  • Isn't It Romantic

    Isn't It Romantic


    Brandon Scott-Jones and Betty Gilpan are absolute stars. Bowen Yang and Sandy Honig are underutilized treasures. The rest of this movie is not for me!

  • The Wife

    The Wife


    Max Irons looks like Peter Kavinsky and Ryan Atwood had a kid