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  • Underwater



    Roll out a sheet of Leviathan (‘89), add a generous helping of Alien (‘79) and a pinch of Aliens (‘86), then knead to the consistency of a PlayStation game. Pop it in the oven and voilà! You’re ready to enjoy a slice of Underwater.

    A modern B-movie but with a decent budget and excellent sets, props and effects, Underwater is also the opposite of a slow burn (a short fuse?). The shit hits the fan within moments of the film starting and never…

  • Born in China

    Born in China


    Some excellent footage of Chinese landscapes and animals, especially the ridiculously beautiful snow leopards.

    Let down a little by the annoying narration, giving names to many of the animals and at times making up motives and stories to explain their actions when simple sharing of facts (or simply shutting up) would be preferable. To be expected from a Disney production I suppose.

    I would recommend the BBC’s Wild China documentary series as a better made, broader, more interesting example of this…

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  • Sicario



    A masterpiece of tension through expert direction of scenes where threat is all around but violence is unpredictable, sometimes exploding out of nowhere and other times menacing for excruciating periods before simmering down and letting us breath again.

    The actions carried out by the main protagonists in this bloody war are quite awe inspiring but also fairly terrifying and more than a little disturbing. Whatever it takes?

    Highly recommended.

  • Fury



    Not a great war film but a decent one, with convincing, well-shot detail in the locations and machinery, and soldiers weary of fighting as they try to close out WW2.

    Some solid, intense action scenes and meaty sound effects give a good impression of both the power and sometimes the limitations of the allied tanks in the face of a desperate German force.

    The main ‘Fury’ crew members are well played but this felt a little like a simpler (and…