Murder Mystery ★★

Some people love Adam Sandler and others hate him. I do not hate it, but I think that when you see one of his comedies, you've seen them all.
Inspired in Agatha Christie´s works, MURDER MYSTERY uses the same formula of films like DEATH ON A NILE or MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.
A rich man invites a couple to spend time on his uncle's yacht to attend a lavish wedding, but suddenly everything falls apart when the future husband is killed by a stranger ... and then the investigation begins to find the assassin.
I love the films of Hercules Poirot, so I could not miss the opportunity to see this movie. Written by James Vanderbilt (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, ZODIAC) I expected an intelligent movie, but MYSTERY MURDER is a big disappointment. Flat characters and exotic locations do not help the silly script that only serves as a vehicle for Sandler's jokes and the beauty of Jennifer Aniston.
The movie is directed by Kyle Newacheck, a guy with enough experience in comedies with tv series like Workaholics, but MURDER MYSTERY is not laugh matter; just a silly film.