Vice ★★★★½

A masterpiece! VICE is one of the best political films of all time. Witty, funny and insightful, this movie is profound study in the psiquis of the White House´s most controversial figure in recent years.
Christian Bale portrays as Dick Cheney in a "tour de force" characterization. He leads an superb cast made up of actors of the statue of Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Tyler Perry and Sam Rockwell.
VICE means Adam McKay´s best work in his entire career. He aleady shows what is capable in THE BIG SHORT and, now, he presents an incredible script, solid, terrific and funny. The way McKay portrayed Cheney's life is pure gold!
Bale won the Golden Globe in the category of "best comedy actor" for VICE and he thanked Satan for inspiring him to play Cheney. Imagine that! To be compared with the very Prince of Darkness. How bizarre is that!