Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★

I’m one who tends to like their crime movies a bit more stylized so when I heard that this was a film that strived for realism, it didn’t make me not want to watch it, but I can’t say I was really excited especially when it comes to Pacino. I love him let loose. More Heat than Godfather. Thankfully we get a balanced combination of that put into a wonderfully complex character. Sonny is filled with regret and guilt and feels his hands been forced. He doesn’t give us any easy answers on how to feel about him and sells all those emotions with just a few looks. This is probably the best work of his career and the film itself is way more than just a bank robbery movie. It’s so ahead of it’s time in the way it addresses our societal issues regarding the working class, police brutality, media coverage and lgbt identity. It feels like a film that’s telling the story of people who desperately wanted to be heard.

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