Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★★½

It’s not that bad stop being mean. With the more playful tone I can understand why people think that Carpenter lost his bite at this point but this is just as overtly political and critical of American fascism as the original. Just because he was willing to get a little more out there with this one shouldn’t take away from it’s strengths. There are some problems here that are hard to look past though. The cgi is frequently hilarious and bad in a way that actually ruins some genuinely great moments. The score is one of Carpenters lamest and never quite fits for the tone he’s going for and lastly, this movie as much as the budget has been visibly upped, looks like poop. I wish Carpenter could’ve got Cundey to come back for this one so they could’ve at least gotten that gloomy look down. Then again this is a really tongue and cheek movie so maybe that’s not what he wanted. This may all sound negative but there’s also a scene with Kurt Russell, Pam Grier, and Steve Buscemi on hang gliders shooting people so you decide.

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