Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

Still find it so hilarious that a key scene here involves Peter calling a drone strike on one of his classmates for threatening to leak his nudes. That one scene though encapsulates how frustrating I’ve found the MCUs version of Spider-Man. Wild how thoroughly this misunderstands a character who’s defined by his relatability cause what’s more relatable than being entrusted by a tech billionaire to look after his killer drone satellite. It sucks though since the performances here are genuinely fun, especially Zendaya who actually got more to do this time around and her chemistry with Holland is actually really charming. I just wish there was more of that and less wrestling with Tony Stark’s legacy. It looks like we’ve finally moved past all that now hopefully. Oh yeah that Mysterious scene still rocks, still taken aback when these movies show the slightest bit of creativity.

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