The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★½

Movies with nihilistic themes can work but they’ve got to do more than just display nonstop cruelty and sadly, that’s all this does. There’s no meaningful exploration of why those in need are drawn to religion, putting their whole life into it, why violent acts are frequently done in the name of it, or why opportunistic grifters take advantage of that, using that fanaticism as a weapon to build power and loyalty. Campos’ movie is more interested in blaming individuals, instead of circumstances. Front to back a nonsensical, unfocused excuse for constant misery. The direction is lifeless, the music dull, and the narration way out of place. I haven’t even gotten to Robert Pattinson yet because of how removed he feels from the rest of this story. He’s just in a completely different movie and is all kinds of hilarious. Tom Holland is pretty good though, glad to see him actually act.

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