Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I’ve racked my brain and while I still can’t rate it until a second watch I found it therapeutic to write down what I liked and what I absolutely hated:)

The good
-babu frik
-everything with c-3po
-bb8 being a round baby under a tree and needing to be carried up a rock
-do it
-recognizing every voice and crying a lot
-the trios chemistry
-kylo’s final line of dialogue is “ow”
-kylo’s final outfit is pajamas
-Oscar and John playing their characters as a couple even as the script mercilessly tries to tell us they’re straight
-I’ve been on team “Adam Driver is hot” since Girls but he was particularly hot in this 

Ok here we go 
The bad
-constantly showing that Finn is force sensitive and never fucking saying it out loud
-In Han’s own words: “that’s not how the force works!”
-Rey palpatine making absolutely no sense. Like I don’t know how they think storytelling works but giving us new information for the sake of a twist and not even sort of elaborating on it is not it
-seriously rey’s dad was palpatine’s son. When was he born? Who’s his mother? How did he grow up to be a rebel? Who knows because it literally didn’t matter
-no seriously I’m not done, palpatine’s endgame is to drain both Kylo and Rey, her being related to him has absolutely no affect on this, he could literally just want to use both of them JJ I hate you so much
-making Reylo canon in the same movie in which you rejected Finnpoe is, by definition, a hate crime
-Rose’s role being significantly reduced to appease racist misogynists
-a significant scene where Finn tells Rey that he’ll tell her what he was going to say in the sand later and it’s literally never mentioned or elaborated on again
-A thinly veiled attempt to deflect from Finnpoe not only uses Zorii as a pawn(she hates him but I guess cause they were a couple she’ll give up her most valuable possession to help him?), but also retcons Poe’s already established rebel from birth backstory from the comics to give him a shady past. The stormtrooper/scavenger joke was fun at least.
-why did leia not fade until Kylo did? She “died” after communicating her last message to him so did she like possess him in the last act and when he died she finally did? I don’t understand it.
-still not into a mass murderer being redeemed. In any context. especially when all it took was his mom dying.
-I would’ve happily accepted Luke and leia being masked in the flashback fight instead of battlefront II graphics
-Hux should’ve been dragged out whining about being a traitor and presumably killed, not shot suddenly
-seriously other than Snoke not a single secondary villain in this trilogy has had a satisfying death
-the Skywalker name should have died with Ben

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