Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore ★★★½

If there were more real-life Happy Gilmores out there, I'd probably pay more attention to professional golf.

I thought this was a pretty fun movie. Sandler kills it as a foul-mouthed, quickly prone to anger, failed hockey player who unexpectedly finds his calling in the world of golf. I thought the cast were good; Carl Weathers is great as Chubbs, a golfing legend who is the Burgess Meredith to Gilmore's Rocky though not as crass. Christopher McDonald plays a superb jerk in the form of the egotistical Shooter McGavin who gets irked by Gilmore's lack of professionalism. Julie Bowen and Ben Stiller are decent too.

No disrespect for McDonald, but I can't believe he managed to beat out Bruce Campbell who auditioned for the role of Shooter. Campbell would've been awesome in the role.

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