Tenet ★★★★½

I would like to apologize in advance as this is not a proper review because...

No words. In no way that I can talk about this film. Not yet. It is absolutely insane... It grabbed tightly the moment I was thrown into the prologue at the opera with the musicians tuning for the performace, and never let me go until the final title card.

Tenet will stand out the tallest in Nolan's high concepts, because you can't simply get away with watching it once. It is a rarely seen gem in regards to how nonchalant it is. There is no shortcut for its audience. It's up to them to put the pieces together. If you don't concentrate, the whole film is gone. I know how overwhelming it may sound like, but it is refresing to see a massive budget action film (and tbh, Nolan too) not spoonfeeding its audience.

An advise: If possible, watch Tenet WITH the subtitles. Much as Ludwig Göransson's score is complementary to the film's core, in most cases, the score overshadows the dialogue (remember when Inception did this as well?) and you can't actually understand what the characters say unless you watch with the subs.

Edit: Additional note
What a spectacular, massive, dreamlike experience. I truly missed cinema taking me to other worlds.

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