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    Broadcast News


    I first saw this movie when I was eighteen or nineteen, already set on but yet to properly articulate what I gravitated towards in art, and it felt like everything to me. It felt real, in a way well-crafted things always feel real to people who have no idea what real is. I was a sophomore in college then, that precise age of half-formed-ness where you're most prone to imaginings of what adulthood must be like, what having a job…

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    QCinema Film #14

    Rilke once wrote that youth was a fountain of inspiration all our own, filled with stories that are our own, and no one else's. Everyone has a coming-of-age story, and there are only so many kinds of coming-of-age. However, what makes this genre sing isn't the broad strokes of plot, but the specificity of each attempt at its telling. 

    This is all to say that a great coming-of-age story need not be about everyone's childhood, but rather,…

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  • Losing Ground

    Losing Ground


    In a just world, Kathleen Collins ought to be up there with Jean Vigo and Charles Laughton in the pantheon of directors who knocked it out of the park (and then some) with their only feature film.

    A long-lost masterwork until very recently, Losing Ground doesn't explicitly deal with much of the political baggage often unfairly laden onto Black cinema, while still being inextricably about the Black experience. It is a film about Black artists and intellectuals on their own terms,…

  • Vera Drake

    Vera Drake


    Mike Leigh isn't subtle about anything here, even as the filmmaking itself is stylistically (and fittingly) very austere. Gradually morphing from a slice-of-life to an out-and-out message movie--the Sally Hawkins subplot running through the first half of the film functions as solid knock-you-on-the-head counterpoint here--Vera Drake succeeds because it embraces the complexity of its issue, while being very clear as to who it believes sets the rules of the game.

    More on this later, maybe. Quiet, brutal stuff.

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  • Joker




    Joaquin is great, though. Would not be upset if he won the whole damn thing.

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    Somehow even thornier and trickier than I remember, and I've only mustered up the guts to rewatch it now because I've always found myself intimidated by how thorny and tricky I found it at 17, when I was still firmly in the Before Sunrise phase of my life. A part of me was worried it wouldn't age well, because I'd taken from it so much of my perception of what adulthood would be like, of what a more mature, fuller…