Captain Marvel ★★★★

I went into this film not expecting much. The trailers were bland and some critics I follow were underwhelmed when they viewed it. But about halfway through the film, I realized I was loving almost every second of what I was seeing. 

The plot twists (and there are a few) as Carol begins to remember her past really made this story better than it had to be. Also, there seemed to be a little social commentary involved with the discussion of refugees and a leader who brainwashes their followers to not offer help. (I wonder who that could possibly be referring to...) While the story offered a lot of excitement, the direction seemed to be a little all over the place and never found common ground with the script. The so-so direction also affected the acting, which was great in some parts (Ben Mendelsohn and Samuel L. Jackson) and mediocre in others (parts of Brie Larson’s performance).

All in all, I want to give this another go to make sure I wasn’t just taken back by the story’s twists and turns upon first viewing and can ultimately make sure this is one of the MCU’s best. But featuring a No Doubt song during one of the final battles definately places this high on my list. 

Possible spoiler: I got super emotional during the Stan Lee Marvel title card montage. Honestly, whoever had that idea gets big props from me. I never went from excitement (as the lights went down and the film began) to watery eyed in less than ten seconds.

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