Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

Spider-Man: Far From Home is ostensibly about the world figuring out how to move on without Tony Stark. But it’s really about how the MCU moves on without Robert Downey Jr.

Far From Home captures the listlessness of this new MCU with the most reliable weapon this series has: humor.

While I understand using jokes and gags to distract from the philosophical questions raised by the last 2 films was probably the most economical way to move forward, it would have been cool to not use half the planet returning to life in an instant as a joke, when that could be a movie in itself.

Putting that aside, this movie’s pretty entertaining, and has one of the most genuinely clever villain arcs I’ve seen in a while. A lot of things happen, and I’m mostly glad they did. This is one of few MCU movies I actually wouldn’t mind seeing again at some point. High praise, I know.

But my biggest problem, with this and Homecoming, is the direction and overall visual palette of it. I don’t know how much power the directors actually have over these movies so maybe it’s not Watts fault, but this movie is so damn boring to look at. There are hardly any cool single shots and the overall texture of the cinematography is a big turn off for me. Say what you will about Webb and Raimi, but their movies have a definitive look to them.

Following the massively successful and cathargic Endgame is hard, but giving the MCU a reason to still exist post-Thanos is even harder. 

The latter is a task that the 8th Spider-Man movie in 19 years kind of punts on, but Far From Home is an often sweet, enjoyable adventure to enjoy while the ball’s still in the air.

GRADE: 7/10

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