Calum von Moger: Unbroken

Calum von Moger: Unbroken ★★★

Bodybuilders are a separate breed.
I don't know if one can call it a sport or an obsession.
The general public may think of it as narcissistic but it does require an extraordinary dedication.
The average person does not realize that in order to rise to the top a bodybuilder has to have a genetic predisposition.
Such is the case with Calum Von Moger.
He is a very charismatic, good looking guy, almost childish in his behavior but make no mistake, he is a daredevil and because of that attitude he has suffered greatly, thorn muscles etc.
Looking at him, I can't but think of a bigger, more charismatic Arnold with almost perfect God given symmetry which he honed with countless hours of training.
He is also a dog lover with a great attitude towards his many fans.
This documentary is all about him and it's worth checking out, if for nothing else, then maybe to give you a glimpse into that world and an individual, who is far from stereotypical.