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  • Me Vasantrao

    Me Vasantrao

    What is it about music and musicians which draws me? Their stories hook me and drown me.

    A decade ago, Amadeus sank me. It taught me so much about life. The fear of being the patron saint of mediocrity comes from there.

    Most of their stories will break you or re-invigorate you. Perhaps the fact that in the 21st Century, music remains the most accessible, most talked about, and yet, the least understood or appreciated artform.

    Here again is a…

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Finally out now.

    I am sorry, but Christopher Nolan who?

    Deserves to be rewatched, atleast once on the big screen.



    This film was for months the top rated film ever, beating even Parasite. I see now that a wider release has brought it down. I made the mistake of seeing some reviews to understand why.

    It’s been a lifelong quandary- of wanting to preserve the specialness of something wonderful by protecting it…

Recent reviews

  • 2018



    If I hadn't had such a shitty May-June, I would have definitely caught this in the theaters. (I bet on LIVE! instead and came back punished, like I deserved.)

    Had goosebumps when the titles came. And wrenched my heart in the last hour, unlike anything in recent times.

    Such a dynamic range and way of storytelling. And what a complex note to end the film on. I swear, even Hollywood disaster films haven't done this to me. And this is…

  • Dear Zindagi

    Dear Zindagi


    Whenever I feel lost, ashamed, and helpless,

    I remember this film and that I must show the world atleast once

    That progress in mental health isn't measured by coconut tree hugs.

Popular reviews

  • Kumbalangi Nights

    Kumbalangi Nights


    This reminded me so much of Jusqu'à la garde but done even better. The Hitchcockian vibe, complete with subtlety builds up Dread, something even Soni explored. Ranks with Pariyerum Perumal in outclassing the Hindi mainstream and how.

    The milestone it represents for giving space to an important conversation in just a short sequence is commendable. Beautifully shot. Great writing. Central performance was among the best I have seen. We know soooo many people like these.

    This film makes me so happy and hopeful.

  • Jhund



    When I love something now, I get nervous. It becomes a job to protect it from the Internet.

    When I watched Jhund, I had the same impulse. A few hours later however, I found myself going through reviews or Googling the film. I first saw that the IMDb rating of the film showed 3.1/10. Then, when you went to the page, it changed from that to 4.6.

    The spread of the ratings made the lie clear- most reviews logged it…