Too Old to Die Young ★★★★★

Critics: Twin Peaks: The Return is the most singular piece of television ever created. No-one will even try and top it. 

NWR: Hold. (13 hours of neon drenched sex, violence, and very long, very slow, conversations between people who seemingly have never interacted with another human) my beer. 

I’d love to see what the viewing figures are for this series. I would be surprised if even 10% of the people who start episode 1 manage  to get to the end of the episode let alone the series. 

TOTDY is definitley not for everyone but if you can vibe with what Refn and Brubaker are doing each episode has an image or moment which will linger with me for some time. I have no doubt the ‘facism facism’ scene is going to become a perfect meme for our times.

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