Eternals ★★★★

I think the MCU fandom has become a little spoiled. 

There’s so much negative discourse going on around this movie and I’m not entirely sure why. After seeing Eternals I can definitely say it has its positives and negatives, just like any other MCU film. Is the best one ever made? Not really. Is it the worst? Not by a long shot. I believe we as MCU fans/haters have gotten a little spoiled by the MCU formula so when different things are being tried, it’s not given it’s fair shake. 

I personally believe phases 1-3 of the MCU was a great draw to get people into this universe. Now in Phase 4 we can tackle different, more personal stories with differ themes and it all doesn’t necessarily have to lead to the next big team movie BUT THAT is a conversation for another review. 

My Positives:
I love the look. So many things are incredibly well designed and I love the ornate line work that’s used for so much of their powers. 

I really dug the characters with Phastos becoming a favorite of mine because I saw so much my self in him. Bryan Tyree Henry did a great job. Gemma Chan as Sersi, I felt was a good leading lady, and Richard Madden’s Ikaris, while robotic and stiff in the beginning grew  on me as you find out why they’re the way they are. Everyone else did really good jobs with characters. I don’t think there was one Eternal I actually hated and that’s saying something. 

There’s really good character work that was done here. Character motivations definitely shined and you really get a feeling for why they weren’t there for major MCU events. 

My Negatives:
I feel like helpful character moments were cut for the sake of time and we miss out on anything extra that could’ve been done with characters like Makarri. I, as a fan, would’ve loved to have spent more time with all of them but who really has that kind of time?

This isn’t a big one but there are certain “Marvelisms” that happen at points where it could’ve been a real emotional moment. Then marvel does what they always do and they drop a joke to lighten the mood. It’s ok to have deep moments Marvel. You’ve shown us that you’re capable of it. Let it happen. 

All in all Eternals is actually quite good. There’s beautiful scenes, interesting characters and the story itself isn’t all that bad. A little predictable but not that bad. 

While this keeps me hopeful for the stories we have to come, I do worry that this won’t work for folks who like to follow the MCU formula of all movies leading to the next big team-up. I guess we’ll see.

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