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  • It's a Sick, Sick, Sick World

    It's a Sick, Sick, Sick World

    B&W Mondo disappointment from Italy that - despite the title - mainly concerns itself with the plain nekkid and mostly staged side of life. Vintage strippers/bogus S&M/peep shows and giant pants. Little real here except newsreel. One for Mondo completists.

  • Track of the Moon Beast

    Track of the Moon Beast

    Low budget Sci-Fi ham with space magic turning Chase Cordell into a homicidal space lizard/thing who snacks on the locals of a small town. If you ever wondered what wood does when you're not looking at it - check out the cast.

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  • The Bloodstained Butterfly

    The Bloodstained Butterfly

    Gorgeous looking Giallo with grand music and fab opening titles, but thanks to a prolonged courtroom trial - a tad of a drag. Still, fans of the genre will adore Helmut Berger and Evelyn Stewart and the flick-knife killer stabbing chumps.

  • Dragnet


    Jack Webb police procedure gem with great suits and dialogue. "Shotgun murder. The first shot cut him in half, the second made him a crowd."