Stay Home

Stay Home ★★★

🎃👻🧛🤡🔪😨SHOCKTOBER 2020😱⚰️🧟👽👹💀 CONTINUES!

According to IMDb, this is the fourth official short released this year with the name “Stay Home.” Ah, 2020.

Part throwback, part love letter to fans, Stay Home is the more traditional cousin to Shudder’s Host. What it lacks in that film’s ingenuity, it mostly makes up for with its ability to gamely execute recognizable tropes with recognizable stars. It gets nicely grisly and twisty by the end. As an amateur production made by professionals, it’s a well-done and cozy little shocker.

This and Death House make me wish we could have Wallace and Crampton together in a LOT more movies.