Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★½

There are parts of the movie I didn't quite understand, and after thinking about them for a while I've come to certain conclusions. I don't know if it's what the director intended, but what I think makes me think it was a good movie.
Like, the ending. The big concert. It seemed bad. It's when the movie started losing me. But after I left the theater I remembered Celeste saying she knows her music is getting worse, but she's selling better than ever. That made me wonder if the concert was supposed to be bad. It was certainly shot differently than the rest of the movie was. Like the scene of the music video, where she's on the bike in the tunnle, that was awesome. But then the dancing and music at the end were not. I think we were shown two points in her life. A high and a low.

And I really like that she mentioned that the kid that shot her listened to a certain type of music, then later in the film terrorists shoot a lot of people and have a connection to Celeste's music.

Her career grew from an act of violence and now it's associated with an act of violence. The film doesn't even focus on either too much. They never said why the kid shot up the school or why the terrorists shot up the beach. Kinda like how mass shootings in America just come and go. The real focus is what message can be spun from them. And to me that's the message of the film. Not how we feel, or what caused the events, but how we react to them.

The narrator even said Celeste had to change a lyric from "I" to "we" because her pain didn't belong to her anymore, it was everyone else's pain. I think we watched Celeste navigate her trauma while never fully believing it was hers, and how mega capitalist music firms cash that into a check.

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