A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

Freddy Kreuger - Ranked
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“Whatever you do, don't fall asleep.”

Eerie, creepy and introducing a fantastic villain in Freddy Kreuger, it’s clear to see why this horror is still remembered fondly today. The idea that not even sleep or dreams are safe is so fantastically simple yet effectively scary, leading to a number of iconic and frightening scenes. 

Robert Englund is a fantastic choice for Freddy Kreuger, turning what could be a camp and cheesy monster into an intimidating and scary foe for the teens. The costume and make up, and the pitch perfect delivery of his dialogue make for a deservedly iconic monster. The film is clever in how it doesn’t lay all its cards on the table at once, allowing the audience to see little glimpses of him and slowly build up the horror of the creature that has been created here. 

A lot of tension and frights throughout its short run time, and never a slow moment. Some of the horror works better than others, and it has to be said that any moment of horror without Freddy, despite being imaginative feels more lacklustre, the monster really being the main pull of the movie. Nancy is played great too, a really good protagonist with more character than your usual horror movie teen.

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