Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey ★★★½

“We are not the three wise people you think we are,”
“We mugged three people and took their clothes, sorry”

A sequel that somehow manages to be even more bizarre and crazy than the last instalment, and actually works. It allows itself to still be as stupid and whacky as the original, still never taking itself or it’s characters too seriously. Instead just putting the characters into weird and wonderful situations, always managing to bring some good laughs. When in the first 25 minutes of a movie, your two leads are killed by robot clones of themselves and enter hell itself, you know you’re in for a wild ride. 

Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are great once again, having so much charm and chemistry between them. Just about every line of dialogue they say manages to be funny. William Sadler as Death is such a great addition. He’s endlessly funny, playing the role really straight compared to the other two leads. It just adds so much more to the charm of the movie, having Death with them along for the ride. A bizarre concept, but so much humour is found from this. 

There’s a lot of great comedy moments, and plenty of memorable and quotable lines of dialogue. Just as good as the original and actually managing to expand the world, without being a total retread of the first. These movies aren’t great pieces of art, but for 90 minutes they’re tremendously fun.

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