Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

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“He’s a Libra-moon, that says a lot!”

Odeon Limitless Screening

A fun take on the ‘whodunnit’, poking fun at internet obsessed youth with a nice twisty story that kept me entertained. I don’t think it’s as clever as it think it is though, it’s very on the nose, and for me, the jokes missed as much as they landed. I can’t see this ageing that well honestly, with just how much it is influenced and satirising youth culture as it is right now in 2022. It thankfully does manage to capture plenty of tension, and the humour that follows the most tense moments is the stuff that really lands. 

The cast are great, all of them are clearly having a blast here. It does feel like a group of genuine friends, with the relationships and eventual tension between them all feeling totally natural. Maria Bakalova is great, glad she is getting more leading roles. Her more subdued and quieter performance does manage to stand out in a film where she is surrounded by larger than life performances. Pete Davidson’s role is tailor made for him, and utilised well, the same for Lee Pace who is a lot of fun. The stand out however is Rachel Senott as Alice, brilliantly charismatic and stealing all her scenes. She brings the most laughs to her line delivery, and is certainly the most likeable character of the main cast. 

Halina Regin directs well, capturing plenty of tension throughout, and managing to keep the house feeling large but also claustrophobic at times. The way lighting is used to create atmosphere within the house setting is really strong, from iPhone cameras to the glow sticks, it really works. There’s a chaotic energy to the entire film, not just from the casts performances, which does help. There is a couple of more actiony moments where the camera work makes it hard to work out what is going on but it’s only small moments. 

I can certainly see the film not being for everyone, and the ending is going to be a love it or hate it moment, I personally thought it stuck the landing perfectly. A fun twist to a fun thriller, with a strong cast!

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