Carol ★★★★

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“You seek resolutions because you are young. But you will understand this one day,”

A sweet and tender romantic drama, featuring two brilliant lead performances. It’s simple, but effective, tender and slow in the best way. It manages to feel subtle but also powerful at the same time. I’m not normally that keen on slow paced romantic dramas, but the performances of the leads totally sold me into it after the first few moments.

It’s a gorgeous film, Todd Haynes manages to really capture the feel of the 1950s perfectly. The aesthetics aren’t over done, this isn’t a flashy or over the top 50s America, instead it feels darker, more subdued colours and almost gritty. With the addition of being set around Christmas just making it even more gorgeous. The script is great, with all the characters feeling fleshed out and believable, I’m not fully sold on where the plot goes at times during the second act and it can feel a little meandering, but it has a fitting conclusion that makes the plot feel worthwhile. 

Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett are wonderful as the two leads. Both of them feel natural, displaying the loneliness and isolation that the two feel, before the forbidden love aspect takes control. The buildup of their romance is slow and effective, and so believable. The two have natural chemistry together, all of their scenes are so captivating to watch. Not only do they deliver the great script so well, it’s what they say without dialogue that hits the most. The slow, lingering shots showing their reactions and the deeply thoughtful moments work perfectly for these two characters. 

It’s charming, tender, and a really well crafted romantic story from the offset. Brilliant performances alongside gorgeous cinematography and score makes this one a worthwhile and engrossing watch.

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