Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

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“I’m Frankenstein and you’re Frankenstein’s hot bitch!”

A very solid and entertaining teen comedy, probably Netflix’s best film so far this year. I wasn’t really expecting too much, but it’s a really fun take on the teenage comedy, certainly paying homage to the high school movies of the past, with chunks of dark humour and a brilliant cast. It perhaps meanders a little, especially with the romance subplots but the actual revenge tale feels fresh and is always entertaining. 

Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes steal the show completely as the two leads here. They’ve got excellent chemistry that really comes across on screen as they play off one another. Some of the characters may be a little two dimensional, but these two really do feel fleshed out and explored. Their friendship actually feels like natural progression, and even with the out there twist to the story, it comes together naturally rather than feeling forced. Mendes absolutely has the best lines of dialogue, fuelled with wit and a darkly comedic tone. The writing may not always be totally strong, but the two of them sell every single line of dialogue. I’m currently on a first time watch of Buffy, so was really fun to see Sarah Michelle Geller as a smaller role! 

The bright tone to the film worked in its favour too, having these bright sets and costumes really worked as a contrast to the darker edges that the humour had at times. It’s just a fun film, with a lot to enjoy, great cast and a fun story that is easy to sink into.

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