Enola Holmes ★★

2020 Ranked

“From one detective for another. Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water to attract the sharks.”

Fleabag ran so this could kinda walk and stumble? 

A bit of a disappointment for me, I’m a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes novels and associated media, but this really felt like it was missing something. I’m probably not the target audience for this film, it’s  certainly a more family friendly version of these sort of tales, in fact it almost feels like live action Disney films at times, for better and worse. There’s plenty of style but not much substance or uniqueness to make it stand out. 

My main gripe is with the plot. Any sort of Holmes story really hangs on the intrigue and development of the mystery. Here, there’s two mysteries at play, neither one of them particularly interesting or well developed. It’s rather predictable and bland. The run time is certainly too long for what the mystery needs as well. It doesn’t help that the script is rather bland too, the comedy never quite lands and at times feels far too childish. 

Millie Bobby Brown is great though, she really works her charm. I’d be happy to see her getting more leading roles like this. She’s likeable and charming throughout even if the film overused the fourth wall breaking element which becomes tiresome rather quickly. Henry Cavill, who I normally quite enjoy on screen, makes for a rather boring Sherlock despite his charisma on screen. I understand the story is more about Enola and her quirks as a detective, but this Sherlock just feels drab and somewhat unnecessary to the entire film. The villain too is rather lacklustre and boring too. 

There’s certainly some elements I like, it looks gorgeous, the sets and costumes all making the world feel real. But unfortunately the actual plot doesn’t earn its two hour runtime, and while there’s a great lead performance it feels like a total wasted opportunity.

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