Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

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“I did not kill my wife, I am not a murderer.”

I remember the excitement I felt when I first heard one of my favourite books would be made into a movie by one of my favourite directors. I wasn’t disappointed, and I still love this movie. Fincher is the perfect fit for this type of slow, tense and gripping thriller. From the opening moments with Nick and Amy this movie is utterly captivating and engrossing. 

It’s an examination of not only a seriously flawed relationship, but also a trial by media, an intense frenzy of ‘guilty before proven’ media speculation that tears down someone’s life. It’s also a captivating look at the lengths of someone with psychotic tendencies will go to keep their ‘perfect’ life together. It’s like a slow game of cat and mouse, especially for Amy, forcing Nick into this game of lies, wanting to be better than him, but also making him need her, all the people around her just pawns in this long game. 

The movie effortlessly shows both sides of the story. The flashbacks perfectly showing the romance and love that was once between Amy and Nick, but slowly showing it fall apart. It’s hard to like Nick at times, especially when the point of view switches to Amy and the twists and turns we learn about his character, some amount of ambiguity about what or what he hasn’t actually done. He’s eventually a rather sympathetic but complex character. There’s a sense that he’s never truly allowed to be himself, either when he’s with Amy, or when he’s struggling with this burst of unfathomable tragedy and fame that is thrust onto him. 

There’s never a moment wasted, the pacing works so well. The flashbacks seamlessly blend with the plot, adding to the story rather than taking away from the main elements. The story focusses on Nick for the most part, but the moments it cuts away and weaves in other parts of the tale never make it feel messy, instead adding to the complex nature of what is unfolding.

Every cast member is great. But this is Easily my favourite Affleck performance, he absolutely nails it throughout. Playing the grieving husband, but struggling to show his emotions when the relationship he was in is already dead. The moment he smiles during the press conference is so great, and effortlessly shows the glimpse behind the mask of this complex character. Rosamund Pike is great as well, passing between different personalities and character with ease, feeling truly menacing and calculating throughout. 

It looks fantastic, Fincher manages to find tension in the mundane at times, revealing the twists slowly so that the film is constantly gripping, keeping its audience guessing but never confused. The choice of music at times creates tension so well, building and swelling in the more nerve racking scenes, keeping even the smallest of moments truly filled with suspense. It’s a truly fantastic thriller, and one I’ll never get bored of. A rare case of the film taking and improving on the source material. 

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