Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★½

Film Cult

“Death comes to everyone.”

I knew nothing about this film before watching, in fact I hadn’t even heard of it before it was picked this week. I was surprised that it’s told in a documentary style, with found footage elements. It takes a strong movie to make these elements work, and unfortunately I don’t think Lake Mungo quite managed it. 

There’s certainly enjoyable elements to the film. The cast are all pretty good, all of them selling the story and plot rather well in the talking head moments. I also thought there was an interesting idea at play, the actual documentary style does really work. It’s believable and well stylised, I just wish it had told a more interesting story. It doesn’t feel like it tries anything new, other than the documentary style, everything else feels like a retread of elements that are done better in other horrors. 

Unfortunately the film doesn’t make this interesting though. The plot slogs along slowly, and there’s little too no tension in these found footage films. Slow close up shots of an image of a ‘ghost’ doesn’t make for a scary or tense horror. There needed to be more horror elements brought into the film to really sell itself as a horror. The ending is somewhat decent, and does provide a slight chill, but It just feels too late. The first hour or so is drab, and some of it feels almost unnecessary to what happens in the plot and story further on from it.

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